Infant Program

6 weeks to 18 months

Our Infant program provides an enriching environment designed to enhance babies’ development while allowing them to explore and learn at their own pace. In the infant program each child’s needs are met on demand. The educators ensure each child receives plenty of love and affection throughout the day. Each baby follows their individual routine, as outlined by their parents.

Room to Explore

The classroom is structured so that infants of all developmental stages can learn and explore.

Large Motor Skills Area: To help your baby begin sitting, crawling and walking, there are soft spaces, low surfaces and exciting toys to explore.

Fine Motor Skills Area: Here teachers engage infants in playful discovery games to stimulate manipulative skill and strengthen curiosity.

Books and Soft Toys: Along with reading to the infants and toddlers, are encourage to look at, touch (or taste!), books themselves.

The curriculum is designed with the goal of enhancing the rapid changes that occur in your baby’s brain development in the earliest years of life.

Health and Safety Essentials

Personal Crib: You will help customize your child’s sleep environment with their blanket and soft cuddle toy from home and we will ensure the sleep routine is unique to your child, following the same routine that happens at home.

Diapering Bin: We will fill your child’s diapering bin daily with the items that you send in their bag. A fresh outfit, some cream or powder will ensure your child is feeling fresh and clean throughout their busy day! For diapering, staff follow written sanitary procedures to ensure top hygiene practices are adhered to.

Fire Procedures and Emergency Exits: Regular training and safety drills are practiced as well as a fire extinguisher in the classroom to ensure your infant’s safety.  All staff members are trained in Standard First Aid and CPR.



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Typical Infant Schedule

The following guidelines are implemented around each baby’s individual eating and sleeping schedules:

  • Arrival time, breakfast if needed, free play
  • Morning snack (around 9 am)
  • Special activities (water play, creative play, puppets, etc.,)
  • Outdoor play or a walk (weather permitting)
  • Naps, as needed, throughout the day
  • Lunch (11 am)
  • Freshen up
  • Free play, outdoor play
  • Special activities (blocks, books, music, etc.,)
  • Afternoon snack (around 3 pm)
  • Free play, outdoor play
  • Home time